What You Need to Know About the Kareo EHR!

If you’re looking for an EHR that is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and ICD-10-ready, you’ve probably considered the Kareo EHR. This software will help you create patient records, manage patients, and communicate with your staff. It will also let you refer to patients, attach documents, and annotate images. In addition, it’s easy to import procedures and diagnostic codes. What’s more, it’s certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2.


Patient portal:

The Kareo EHR patient portal is designed with your patients in mind. It’s easy to create, manage and schedule appointments. Patients can even forward their health records to regular email accounts. The patient portal also lets providers import documents directly into Kareo, such as PDF documents. In addition, doctors can print patient education materials in the office and send them to patients via e-mail.

Patients can also email their physician and view test results, lab results, and prescription refills. In a Kaiser Permanente study, physicians found that patients often email their providers about new conditions, a change in their health status, or to request a prescription refill. Almost half of all emails required a clinical assessment, while 24 percent required a clinical action.


The Secure Kareo EHR is a cloud-based medical practice management (EPM) system that offers enhanced patient security and powerful reporting capabilities. It empowers practices to achieve their business objectives, improve operations, and achieve better financial performance. It is used by more than 40,000 physicians and health care providers across the United States.

This EHR is certified to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 guidelines. Its user interface lets administrators track appointments and approve claims in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment. It also comes with a Compliance Coach who works with users to ensure that they are following all HIPAA requirements. However, this system may not be right for every practice.

The Secure Kareo EHR is integrated with RightFax, a market-leading fax solution for healthcare. It streamlines document delivery workflows for independent practices. Its automated electronic document delivery system also manages documents for archiving and retrieval. These improvements help improve staff productivity and revenue cycles.

HIPAA complaint:

Whether you’re a primary care physician, hospitalist, or health system, Kareo has a feature that will save you time and effort: e-prescriptions. In just a few clicks, you can add patient medications, add instructions, and even send prescriptions to pharmacies. The software will notify you of any drug interactions and will even save your favorite medications.

It’s secure. The software is protected against cyberattacks thanks to its advanced security features and backup systems. It also provides administrative safeguards such as access restrictions and audit trials. With this feature, administrators can control access to sensitive patient data and maintain patient privacy. Furthermore, the software is HIPAA and HCPCS compliant. It also meets the latest ANSI 5010 requirements.

ICD-10 ready:

The Kareo EHR is ICD-10-ready, which is a significant benefit for medical practices. If you are considering implementing the new standard for coding, you’ll want to begin training your staff as early as possible. This will help ease the transition and minimize any potential productivity losses. It is also possible to stagger training sessions, which is particularly important for smaller practices. It’s also helpful to take proactive steps to find a course with a certified and experienced trainer.

Kareo offers free ICD-10 support, which includes educational materials and tools that help small practices transition to the new standard. These resources include the ICD-10 Practice Readiness Assessment and the ICD-10 Success Plan Checklist. In addition, Kareo offers ICD-10 e-books for key specialties.


Whether you are an established practice or just starting out, Kareo EHR software is a smart choice. Compared to other EHR software, Kareo offers flexible pricing that works for any practice size. A Washington solo practitioner spent $40K on a competing EHR system, but saw his revenue plummet. Luckily, Kareo’s flexible pricing model makes it possible to invest in the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Kareo’s EHR is robust and intuitive, and it helps medical practices reduce workloads by reducing patient wait times. It also helps improve the quality of treatment, and features an intuitive calendar and dashboard. It is easy to install and customize, and it can integrate seamlessly with third-party tools like Kareo Billing.

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