Is there any course for working professional so they can revise whole prelims syllabus in just 2-3 months and Clear UPSC CSE Exam?

Frankly speaking, there is no such coaching which specifically make its courses only for working professionals, as the market is very small. But there are various courses which can come into the rescue of working professionals for upsc prelims crash course 2022

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There could be two groups of working professionals:
1) Who are done with their foundation meaning: – they are acquainted with the syllabus and are done with the syllabus.

2) Who wants to start the preparation!!!

First, I am telling about, how second kind of group should go ahead.

  • This group should take help of online classes (if they are not in the position to take leave from the job) and simultaneously should start solving questions by taking help of either online or off line mode.

Now the question is of first kind of group, that how they should proceed. So, let me tell you how?? (Here I am more specific to Prelims as the clock is ticking toward Prelims 2022) 😊

As the aspirant is done with the syllabus, he/she needs systematic revision of the syllabus, and here Prelims Crash Course (Mission Prelims) can come into their rescue. The beauty of this course is that it makes you do the systematic revision of the course in a time bounded manner with complementary test series.

In the hub of UPSC Civil Services coaching (Delhi) it is very tough to find the right one. But with my experience I am sharing the journey towards right coaching and beyond.

With all the guidance and misguidance, I bump into EDEN IAS and it was my saviour, as its MISSION PRELIMS programme made me to clear the hurdle called Prelims. Why I am saying it a hurdle, because Vajiro and Reddy’s guidance made me to ruin my two years.

So now coming to the MISSION PELIMS features ( I will tell you about the 2022 program’s feature)

This is 90 DAYS PROGRAMME. It consists following in its plate:

  • Revision Classes
  • Marathon Classes
  • Special Classes: Budget, Survey and Mapping etc.
  •  Current Affairs Classes
  • CSAT Classes: 30hrs
  • Test Series: 3500 Questions (almost) + 8 Mock Tests
  • Study Material
  • Mentorship

Study Timetable for Working Professionals just before the Prelims

  • Prior to Work: Solve the MCQs (don’t pick any subject randomly, rather break the time in weeks for particular subject, or you could follow the MISSION PRELIMS planner).
  • During Work: Brush up your Current Affairs and Newspaper as you will easily get it on internet.
  • After Work: Devote your hours in cross checking the MCQs, note down any new information and revise the concepts where-ever you are lacking.
  • Revision: Revise the syllabus for tomorrows MCQs.

Note: A working aspirant’s weekend should have a separate schedule.

While following the above steps, it is very important for one to not ignore work as well as health and maintain a good sleep schedule. This would enable you to be relaxed during preparation and help in pulling up the shocks for UPSC 2022 and yes it may help in coming out with flying colours.

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Good Luck ……………!!!

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