How do I prepare for GS 4?

How do I prepare for GS 4?

Since the days GS paper IV Ethics Integrity and Aptitude has been introduced in the syllabus, became most intriguing part of the UPSC syllabus. When aspirants saw the syllabus at first, almost have the feeling that it is in their reach. Those generic terms like Ethics, honesty and governance give a feeling that we are well acquainted and can nail the paper. And you are acquainted, aren’t you??

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Remember the university days, solving such things were not a herculean task, but unfortunately, our university machismo doesn’t augur well with UPSC. The examiners are quality starved. But the question is do we have the ingredients to cook and fill the quality starved examiners. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you that ingredients…😊

This paper requires an honest foundation but not the bookish. Though this foundation is ingrained in all of us. We only need to revisit the school days of our innocent childhood.

So, what we should do? Do we need to follow any book or not? Do we need to prepare for this paper or not? Ans answer for the same is Yes! you need to. But more important than the list of books and websites is the need to understand the soul of this paper. So, we come to the point where we have to understand the soul of the paper and where is that authentic source which make us to understand the soul of the Paper.

So, EDEN IAS is here to provide you with the sources and strategies for the individual components of the syllabus. This is the basic foundation work that everyone should do.

Unlike, others we will be recommending very few, yet highly useful sources for this paper-to sharpen your thinking and writing style.

Before moving ahead understand what are Don’t.

  • You need NOT study ethics for hours and hours daily.
  • DO NOT start studying ethics ‘1 year’ before the exam! It’s too much for a paper that does not require more than 2-3 months.
  • DO NOT use heavy philosophical stuff. Study only that philosophy which is needed to handle an administrative life and ethical dilemmas.
  • DO NOT start mugging up quotes, thinkers, catchy lines etc just to impress the examiner.
  • DO NOT ‘force’ morality in your answers. Be realistic as much as possible. If you are moral, it would automatically reflect in your answers.

What is DO’s!!

  • Go through all UPSC syllabus properly.
  • Go through the UPSC Previous year papers. And after seeing the paper you find it difficult to understand the things, then you should join any coaching classes. (Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir from EDEN IAS is one of the famous names. One can put trust in his classes blindly.)
  • Watch Justice Harvard Videos
  • Track and make note of ethical issues in news
  • Books/Sources: EDEN IAS 4 set books for the Ethics are best.

When will the UPSC coaching in Delhi open for UPSC 2022 Batch?

There is some Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi on which you can count on for both the preparation modes – Online and Offline, as no one can predict, how this is going to be there in the year 2022.

EDEN IAS is going to start its batch from 27th January 2022 for this session year. There are also some batches in February 2022.

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